Kate and I: We aren’t all that different

Yesterday, after the big buzz of the Royal Wedding I found myself taking offense to being called a commoner. It’s probably because I’m not English and live in our near that royal world.

After reading the “Things Kate Middleton Gets” from E! Online, I realized that we aren’t all that different.

Here’s a list of stuff Kate (sorry, Catherine) now gets and how I fare in comparison:

    • Royal Thugs: This is basically security. I could get some thugs too (unfortunately, I do know a few, we just couldn’t call them royal).
    • A Sweet City Pad: I’ve got one. At least I think it’s sweet.
    • A Shield with an Acorn on It: Ok, I don’t have this one…yet. I know a few graphic artists/designers who could whip one up for me. Well, I hope they could.
    • Really Nice Jewelry: I have some really nice earrings and rings, a couple have been past down and gifted to me. Talk about cool. But no tiara. It wouldn’t work with my hair or my head.
    • Best. Stationery. Ever: The key here is to have an array of Thank You cards, paper, fancy paper, envelopes, fancy envelopes, and fancy pens. Got it! And what I don’t have, I have a cousin who designs stationary.
    • A Private Secretary: I don’t really need a private secretary. With Google Calendar, my iPhone, my FiloFax, and Moleskine, I’m covered. The technology available alone would or should count.
    • A Lovely Second Home. er. Estate: Since my parents told me I could always come home, if we put both of their houses together it could be considered an estate. Couldn’t it?
    • Ladies in Waiting: My homegirls!
    • A Personal Chef: Restaurants!

See, we aren’t all that different, after all. It’s just how you “word” things. Oh, and the money! And the Prince.

Please note, this commentary is not to demean but is only meant as a humorous look at similarities.

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