About Motor Mouth

nichole of nichole's motor mouth

Hi & Welcome to my personal blog!

I hope you enjoy my musings because that’s exactly what they are.

Let me give you a little bit  of background on the name. When I was younger, my youngest uncle gave me the nickname Motor Mouth. Evidently, I talked a lot when I was young. I learned about this nickname in my late twenties but still didn’t see a connection. 🙂  Since then I do see a little bit how this nickname could apply. Maybe you do too?

Why don’t I tell you a little bit about me?

  • I love helping people which is why I am a career coach & consultant. You can learn more about what I do at www.nicholewesson.com
  • I love to dance.
  • I’m a born and raised Texan still sporting the accent after being away for some years.
  • I enjoy making people laugh but most of the time I’m not trying to.
  • Purses/handbags and shoes are not only hobbies but a passion!!!!!
  • I ADORE the spa, spa treatments and spa getaways!
  • Meditation, breathing, and affirmations are a key part of my life, happiness and joy.
  • Reading is awesome.
  • Movies and television are definitely a guilty pleasure.
  • Everyone could use a good laugh.
  • Love the theatre or any live performance (symphonies, operas, musicals, dance, plays, and comedy).
Enjoy reading my thoughts, ideas and musing. Feel free to comment and visit again soon.


  1. Good for you Nichole – I’ll look forward to reading it!

  2. Congratulations on getting your BA in Organizational Leadership Nicole… it is a real accomplishment and working full time and more.
    Happy 2019 to you 🙂 Sandra

    • Thanks, Sandra. I hope the family is doing well. Happy 2019!

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