Today is a new day

This image was shared from one of my friends on Facebook. I shared it on my Facebook page but felt it needed to reach a larger audience. So, I'm sharing it with you. These are powerful messages that we should remember, act, inspire and share.

To all the amazing women

who nurture, teach, support, discipline, sacrifice, pray, hold your hand, tell you the truth when you don't want to hear it, take care of your when you are sick, fight for you when no one else will, listen, and love you like no one else can:

So what do we do today?

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the US, a national holiday. There were so many comments, news stories, general talk and YouTube posts of his great speech, "I Have A Dream." I love that after so many years, he is not forgotten. So what do we do today? I'm like this about a... Continue Reading →

Blog Post "RePost" – Trust Your Gut

I love Twitter. It's so much more than people sharing what they are doing every second of the day. I love it for the great information you get from being connected to great business people.As a tweet can be retweeted, I'm reblogging a blog post from Fiona Walsh, business coach extraordinaire. Here June 10th post,... Continue Reading →

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