Sound Smart When You Feel Dumb

How to Sound Smart When You Feel Dumb I love, love, love this short video from New York Magazine's Science of Us feature. This happens EVERY DAY. But when did the thought that asking for help or speaking up makes you look  or sound dumb? One answer: elementary school. If you weren't the one laughed at,... Continue Reading →

Six tips to avoid debit card fraud

I have a special relationship with my debit card. Don’t you? Having the card so readily available to use at almost every merchant I visit is pretty freeing. Until you get a call from the bank, specifically their fraud department. Ugh! Someone duplicated my debit/credit card and used it at a Foot Locker over 300 miles away.... Continue Reading →


How long has the Internet been around? I'm asking. It's an honest question. The 'net has been around for a good while now. You would think it's been around long enough for people to STOP WRITING IN ALL CAPS. Unfortunately, no. If you are like me, when you see all caps you read those words... Continue Reading →

The Investment & The Return

Sorry to burst your bubble, but this post will not provide you financial advice. Plus, you don't want that type of advice from my anyway. Believe me. Lately, I've been smiling more. For good reason as my 2014 has come with some great changes in my life.  And it's true. A smile is infectious. Just... Continue Reading →

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