How would you rate you?

I had a conversation with a young man last week about ratings. He works part-time at Starbucks and mentioned how great it would be if companies could rate customers.   I remember when Yelp came on the scene in full force. The ability to share my thoughts and experiences about places I visited was a … Continue reading How would you rate you?

Are you likeable? 9 things to do to make sure you are

Last week, I had an opportunity to present a workshop on Business Etiquette. I've always loved public speaking so this was a perfect opportunity for me. After the workshop, one of the attendees told me that she loved the presentation, my presence and the humor I infused into it. She said I was completely likeable. … Continue reading Are you likeable? 9 things to do to make sure you are

What kind of bystander are you?

By now you've heard about all the fallout at Penn State stemming from sexual abuse charges involving one of the football teams assistant coaches, Jerry Sandusky.  The only way you wouldn't is if you live under a rock. Need an update? Don't look to me, just perform a Google search on "Penn State scandal" and … Continue reading What kind of bystander are you?