Why sports are critical in the fight for racial justice

Players and teams must take a stand against racism and injustice because it affect their communities. It affects those that look like them. It makes people pay attention. And you cannot turn away.

What kind of bystander are you?

By now you've heard about all the fallout at Penn State stemming from sexual abuse charges involving one of the football teams assistant coaches, Jerry Sandusky. ┬áThe only way you wouldn't is if you live under a rock. Need an update? Don't look to me, just perform a Google search on "Penn State scandal" and... Continue Reading →

After all, it’s just business

Even though I'm a girl and I don't live and breathe sports on a daily basis, it's hard to not be curious as to LeBron James's decision; which will be announced later, much later today. LeBron James, a 25 year old, 7 year veteran of the NBA is a free agent and will announce his... Continue Reading →

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