How do you title your first blog?

I never thought blogging would be for me but here I am. Just thank Blair Underwood. Why? Well, I found that he has a blog by way of his website by way of Wikipedia. And I found all this after doing a search for “The Bible Experience.” Funny how one search on the Internet can lead to so much stuff. Maybe my creating this blog has nothing to do with Blair Underwood after all but a higher power.

I’m writing my first entry the day after the Super Bowl. I grew up in Dallas where football is king. Ever heard of the Dallas Cowboys? America’s Team? I know, I know. There are folks in San Fran, Philly, and DC who would challenge me on that nickname but it is what it is. Don’t blame me. Blame Howard Cosell or whatever announcer game the team this moniker. I wasn’t even born yet.

Which leads me to being born. Today is the six month mark from me turning 40. Unlike a lot of women, I was looking forward to this birthday. It’s probably because most people don’t think I look 40. Talk about a blessing. But these days, what is the gauge for aging and age. I told myself that I would celebrate this birthday for six months. Time sure flies and I still have some more celebrating to do. So I have decided to continue to celebrate until I turn 41 which brings more celebration!

Since my profile hasn’t been completed, I will give you some information about me here. A good place to start since this is an introduction. You know I’m from Dallas and I’m 40. I enjoy travel and have a lot of the world to see. That being said, I am also a homebody. In this crazy, mixed-up world, I love my comforts of home. My place. My space. I have always loved to dance which I still do. I’m actually considering a pole-dancing class to let out my inner sexy girl. But from day 1 or whenever, I loved entertainment. Not entertaining although I can be funny, quirky and entertaining when I want to be. I love movies/films, tv, and theater (or theatre for my Canadian compadres). Music, only to a certain extent. I’m more visual. I’m a Grey’s Anatomy nut so be prepared to see my comments online after the show Thursday night.

I also enjoy films and Hollywood gossip. Sorry to all of the celebrities who have entertained me through tv or film but look, your lives and decisions are interesting. I see you through a box or a big screen and wonder what makes you tick. Not really just interested in some of the choices you make. It helps me in not looking at my own.

One ultimate guilty pleasure for me is the spa. Day spa, spa resort, spa hotel, health spa, it doesn’t matter. I love to be pampered. I love that there are elements of health and well-being that come from the spa. LOVE IT! And I’m overdue.

I’m sure I can find more to say but I will save some for later. More to come….

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