A new path

One of the hardest lessons to learn is that everything will be alright. My parents have been telling me this for ages. You hear it but some times, actually most times, you can be so consumed by your circumstance it’s hard to believe. Or, you don’t allow yourself to believe.

Well, I’m saying “believe it.”

Another saying is that “God doesn’t close a door without opening a window.” What it all comes down to is what you choose and allow yourself to believe.

In the last two weeks, my life has been enriched with more dancing, smiling, laughing and creativity. I also know I have been entrusted to help others.

Years ago, I was asked what was my passion. It was the hardest question for me to answer…at that time. Today I know what I am passion for and about: causes, community, energizing and inspiring others, and helping people recognize and use their strengths.

If joy and happiness are truly infectious, I look forward to how my new path in life and career will help others.

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