My Grey’s Anatomy synopsis for “Disarm” January 6, 2011

What a way to come back from vacation!

After I watched it earlier than West Coast time, the parallels to the Seattle Grace Mercy West (SGMW) shooting episodes was pretty amazing. Here’s what I noticed:

  • Both the Chief (not the Chief at the time) and Cristina were immediately aware of a problem when the ambulances when by. Same direction as before but the Chief was facing the same direction as the direction of the ambulances. Cristina was facing the opposite direction. The Chief wanted his job back; Cristina was unsure.
  • The three couples in the beginning of “Disarm” were in totally different places than in the beginning of “Sanctuary.”Derek and Meredith were the ones all lovey-dovey. Cristina wasn’t really talking to Owen and broke up with him. Lexie was sleeping with Alex while Mark was floundering.
  • Everything happens for a reason. Had SGMW not gone through their shooting, would they have been able to deal with the Pacific College shooting? I don’t think so.
  • The Chief gave the money/grant to Owen for trauma training for the docs. Would they have been as prepared and able to adapt to performing surgeries in MASH like setups had they not had the training?
  • They guy Bailey yelled at God about was named Chuck, short for Charles which she also called him. Charles was the name of the doctor/surgeon she wasn’t able to save in “Death and all His Friends,” the 2nd hour of the finale.
  • Before the first ambulance arrived, the Chief told the team to do their job first and deal with their feelings later. At the end of the last surgery when they were all in the gallery, the Chief told them they had 26 patients, 26 victims and we had no casualties, no one died (unlike their situation 6 months before).  They cried (me too) and laughed.
  • Meredith made it plain to Derek that they weren’t the only victims of trauma. She didn’t mention the baby she lost that day but being a wife in the waiting room. She knew what that was like and knew the professor’s wife needed something. She reminded Derek that she almost lost her life that day by laying it down for him. Yikes! That was good stuff. The wife in the waiting room!
  • I love Peter MacNicol but Dr. Stark is a big a&&. I would love to know what’s so important away from the hospital that he can’t take more time with the 15 yo. I guess he wants his work/life balance.

I don’t really have anything to say about Arizona and Callie. Nothing to say about Teddy getting married to Scott Foley’s character except I TOTALLY agree with him about wedding cake. Everyone should have wedding cake. I love wedding cake.

Overall, I truly believe this was the best episode of Grey’s Anatomy EVER. EVER in GA history. I felt every emotion imaginable during those 45 minutes (60 w/commercials).

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