My 2011 Challenge: Month 1 – January

We all know January is known for resolutions. This year, instead of making a list of resolutions that I don’t often keep, I did something different. I decided to focus on one change at a time.

In January I gave up sweets. Sweets for me included ice cream, cookies, candy, cake, pies, cupcakes, etc. Everything that’s a processed/baked sugar, I gave up. After months indulging, I knew my body needed a break. Really? December is full of sweet stuff. I needed to try giving it up.

And I did!

For 31 days I abstained from sweets. It was hard because there are always sweet temptations. Plus, I have two packages of Turtles in my kitchen. Many, many times I wanted to open them. But I didn’t and I am so much better for not doing so.

In early January, I decided to give myself a challenge every month in the year 2011. Instead of planning my year out, I will make my decision on my next monthly challenge within the last two days of the month. By doing this, I give myself time to focus on the challenge at hand.

Now that my January challenge has been met and conquered (woo hoo!), today was the first day for my February challenge. And it’s a doozy. I will save the details for later.

I’m so happy I was lead to approach changes this year in this way instead of resolutions. I can focus on one, dedicate what I need to accomplishing it without being distracted by trying to accomplish every resolution on most lists.


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