Generation Y women & basic female skills?

Ok, I’m going to make this fast because this topic could, in other instances, be very long.

Recently, there was an article that said Generation Y women lack basic female skills and that these skills are becoming endangered. Basic skills such as cooking a roast, ironing a shirt or hemming a skirt. Endangered?! Really?!  If this is the case, ironing is extinct in my house.

I’m part of Generation X. We were the original “latch-key” kids, saw the first video on MTV,  grew up with hip-hop, rap and hair bands (Bon Jovi, Van Halen, etc.). Out of this, I never read an article about Gen X and basic female skills. Oh, that must mean we must have them.

Maybe it’s an economy thing. Gen Y women are helping the economy by taking their clothes to a dry cleaner and seamstress, keeping Boomers and Gen X’ers working. Not to mention the chefs of the world that can cook an excellent roast.

Most women no longer wear gloves and hats anymore either (except in many Southern Baptist churches). It is pretty interesting though.

I guess times, they are a changin’.

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