It’s the thought that counts

surprise giftWe are only a couple of days away from Christmas and let this be a reminder to all of you who constantly eye the tree and shake boxes — it’s the thought that counts.

Or at least I thought that was the intention behind this holiday. Sometimes we forget it’s not just about what we want or need. It’s equally important to allow others to give to you from their heart. A chance for them to share their experience of life.

No one understands the phrase better than a parent. Just check their refrigerator door, basement, attic, garage or spare closet. I’m sure you will find some macaroni art, clay handprint, creative yarn necklace done by their child as a class project. Oh yeah, teachers understand it too! Makes for an easy lesson plan for a 1st grader.

Parents are grateful to their children, regardless of age, for any gift they give. Isn’t that amazing? I know if I bought my dad a flashing light neck tie today, he would love it as much as if I had given it to him when I was six. He, with all the love in his heart, would say “it’s the thought that counts” even though he knows he would prefer a round of golf instead.

Be conscious of the gifts you receive this weekend as not just a ceremonial action to celebrate Christmas. Know that the person who gave you the gift thought about you.

That someone thought enough of you to give you a present is truly an amazing gift.

it's the thought that counts


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