Shut up and do something

It was never my intention to write any comments about yesterday’s tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. Other than thinking about it and praying for those affected, I didn’t feel I had the words. And I still don’t. But what has come from this based on the numerous comments in my Facebook and Twitter feed is the talk about gun control. Lots of TALK-CHATTER-BANTER. If that’s you, I would like to invite you to Shut Up.

Shup up

ACTION makes more sense to me.

If you feel strongly about the need for gun control, why are you posting comments as Facebook posts and Twitter feeds? To me that’s like sweeping trash around the floor without picking it up with a dustpan. Why not act? Do something?

If you ask “What can I do?” you can start by writing your Representatives in Congress. Don’t forget contacting your local representatives as well. Can you start a rally bringing the topic you feel so strongly about to your community. Start a petition or sign one on

But more importantly, know what you are asking for and be able to provide a solution. Which do you think would get more attention:

I believe something should be done about xxxxxx.


I believe something should be done about xxxxxx. One idea I have is to __________________. Or, we could start with ________________. As a citizen who cares strongly about this issue, …

Who knows what will happen but damn, it’s a start. It’s better than just talking about it in your circle.

By the way, if your issue is gun control, you may want to also include a mention about improving mental health care and making it more readily available. Actually, I will “act” on that one.

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