How would you rate you?

I had a conversation with a young man last week about ratings. He works part-time at Starbucks and mentioned how great it would be if companies could rate customers.   I remember when Yelp came on the scene in full force. The ability to share my thoughts and experiences about places I visited was a... Continue Reading →

Trigger – Behavior – Reward

I have a few bad habits I'd like to quit. If you are like me, you know it's not an easy thing to do and willpower alone is not enough. Mindfulness + Willingness + Curiosity + Awareness Watch and listen to this TedTalk from Judson Brewer, Director of Research at the Center for Mindfulness at UMASS. Maybe this is what... Continue Reading →

What’s the agenda?

Whew! It's been a big, big week and it's only Wednesday. We've had Super Bowl 50, SB50 halftime show, New Hampshire primary, The Good Wife calling it quits along with Marshawn Lynch's retirement announcement. And with these big events come big criticisms. Cam walked away (he's not the first to walk out of a press conference... Continue Reading →

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