What’s the agenda?

Whew! It’s been a big, big week and it’s only Wednesday.

We’ve had Super Bowl 50, SB50 halftime show, New Hampshire primary, The Good Wife calling it quits along with Marshawn Lynch’s retirement announcement.

And with these big events come big criticisms.

  • Cam walked away (he’s not the first to walk out of a press conference and he won’t be the last AND he did congratulate Peyton, on the field, with a smile)
  • Coldplay: Headliner or opening act?
  • Why is The Good Wife ending? Is it because Archie Panjabi left?

beyonce sb50But, by far, the biggest talked about event of the last four (yes, just 4) days is Beyonce.

I normally stay away from topics such as this because most including the Beyhive and music fans are A-OK with the song and video, Formation. It’s new music and it means something else is on the horizon from Beyonce. She rocked the halftime show singing her new song, entertaining the in-stadium, TV viewers, and online crowds. But for some (hi, y’all *waves*) her performance at the halftime show was political.

What’s her agenda?  I would bet money few have asked HER that question. Let’s also remember she is a singer/entertainer, not a politician. agenda

Has anyone actually listened to the words of the song? Not, the Beyhive though. I know it’s now commanded to memory and they have the video memorized as well as the steps from her SB performance. In the video, the only thing some people chose to see was the young African American boy dancing in front of a line of police officers. Oh, and “stop shooting us” written on the wall.

But what’s her agenda?

Could what happened in Louisiana during Hurricane Katrina be an issue for Beyonce? Yes. She explains in the video (and in countless interviews dating back to Destiny’s Child) that her mom is from Louisiana.

She mentions other things too, but people will always pick and choose their platform for “discussion.”

What’s her agenda?

There’s also her performance at the Super Bowl where all her dancers were dressed supposedly giving homage to The Black Panther Party. Dang, if I knew wearing all black with black boots, a black beret, and an afro was an homage to the BPP, I need to stop calling myself a Beatnik during those fashion moments. Take note Beatniks everywhere.

Why is is so difficult for some to believe a person can celebrate who they are, have compassion for those who are marginalized, watch the news, and have a comment or response?

What’s her agenda? Mabye…

  1. Keep being the entertainer she is?
  2. Find a way to further promote her upcoming tour? Yeh, she announced that during the Super Bowl, RIGHT AFTER her performance.
  3. Cause a commotion, conversation, and stir the pot a little? Check!
  4. Make $$$$$$$$$.$$

She is an entertainer! A damn good one. And she has brought so many things to the surface with a song, video and halftime performance. Boom & drop the mic!

My response to those who are up in arms about what this performer sang about, danced to, and the costumes? Relax! There are bigger fish to fry.

Which, by the way, goes great with cornbread and collard greens!

Photo courtesy of BOBO’s

Author: nichole

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