Managing Influence (rs)

In the past week, I have thought a lot about influence. I have had conversations about influence as it pertains to leadership in the workplace. I also talked with a couple of moms on different occasions about the influence of other kids on theirs just because I was in the right place and willing to... Continue Reading →

REPRINT: Resolving debt isn’t so bad, if it’s done right by Robert Fulghum

"One man's trash is another man's treasure." A huge benefit from my 10-Day Clutter Free Challenge is that I'm finding some great treasures I saved from 5, 10, 15+ years ago. One is this article. I wish I could remember the exact date I saved this article written by Robert Fulghum from the newspaper.  Better... Continue Reading →

After all, it’s just business

July 12, 2014

In 2010, just a short four years ago, times were different. Or were they?

I wrote this post about no matter how much fans are happy or upset about a player moving from one team to another, for the player it is business and their lives. After watching several 30 for 30 episodes from ESPN, I’m even more adamant about it.

LeBron is far from the first pro athlete to make a decision, a big decision about THEIR career and life. Watch the 30 for 30 films about Wayne Gretzky and Ricky Williams. It’s nothing new. Remember when Jordan (no need for a first name, you know who I’m talking about) decided to retire the first time?

So how is LeBron any different?


Even though I’m a girl and I don’t live and breathe sports on a daily basis, it’s hard to not be curious as to LeBron James’s decision; which will be announced later, much later today.

LeBron James, a 25 year old, 7 year veteran of the NBA is a free agent and will announce his decision on where he will play next. Teams have been “pitching” him left and right. The main contenders are the Cleveland Cavaliers (his current team and closest team to his childhood home of Akron), New Jersey Nets, New York Nicks, Chicago Bulls (his favorite team growing up), and the Miami Heat (team to 2 of his closest friends). Oh yeah, I also read the Clippers were in there too.

Reading the pros and cons, the logistics behind why this or that choice would work is fascinating. Oh, to be LeBron. $96.1 Million…

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Hey Internet, say it to my face!

Our experiences in life drive our opinions. And at one time the only folks who knew your opinions were those closest to you: family, friends and maybe a few co-workers. We didn't have to agree but we respected another's position and left it at that. Times have changed. The Internet has expanded our reach to share... Continue Reading →

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