Are your constituents your customers?

Political Mess

As you know, I’m not one for all the political “mess.” I don’t think I’ve ever been undecided in the years I’ve been able to vote. I typically know who I will vote for and unless they make a huge, colossal goof, that’s the name I will check on my ballot.

Queen Latifah Cover Girl adWhat has been catching my eye lately is the celebrities who are endorsing candidates. It’s no surprise to us, the consumer, that brands will use celebs to endorse their products. Halle can hock some Revlon. Latifah has Cover Girl. Michael Jordan still has Nike and Hanes. I think Ashton Kutcher stil has his deal with Nikon. But I’m skeptical. I know most celebs are paid good money to talk about using these products but I really wonder if they do. I do know Jordan and Latifah use those products. Not sure about the rest, though.

But as voters are we swayed by who an actor or actress chooses to vote for?

Which brings me to my question of the day… are your constituents your customers?

This blog post was brought to you by the letter “C” which stands for chair; you know the one Clint Eastwood talked to at the Republic National Convention.

empty chair

I started thinking about this after the RNC. And as I was formulating my thoughts, Nicki Minaj came out with her song saying who she was voting for. Then there was the Stacey Dash endorsement controversy.

In my job I talk a lot about understanding who your customers are to ensure the best option is selected in trying to reach them. Yes I’m in marketing and communications. As with any company whether large or small, knowing your customer and anticipating their interests can be key to your success. But I’ve wondered if the same thought is given in the entertainment world.

Let’s take Nicki Minaj and her song. I’m only stating here what I read about her song being about voting for Mitt Romney. Who she votes for or sings (?) about voting for is her business. BUT, I would love to know how many Republicans support her wealth through record sales? NOTE: She has since denied any endorsement.

Image courtesy of Paste Magazine

Clint Eastwood on the other hand has been a Hollywood legend since almost the beginning of his career. He’s just that damn good. Come on! The Good, The Bad and The Ugly? Dirty Harry? Every Which Way But Loose and that chimp? Not to mention his Oscar nominated turns in the directors seat. Clint is an institution for sure. But who supports his passion as an actor/director/producer? My guess is for Clint it is 50% Democrats, 50 % Republicans. The researcher in me would love to know the breakdown.

Sometimes and for many people there is no separation of who you are versus how you vote for. I, on the other hand, learned a valuable lesson before voting in my first election. My mom told me never talk about religion, politics or money. I have followed those words of wisdom as I have gotten older unless I know that the group I’m discussing these topics with weren’t trying to change my mind or promote their own agenda.

How George Clooney votes doesn’t mean anything to me. Maybe a separation between voting and the entertainment industry is a good thing. No 47% there. If their livelihood rested on what they said and how it played out at the box office, I would guess we would NEVER hear who an actor or actress liked in any campaign including school elections.

I guess maybe you would really think twice if the celeb was jumping on the couch so excited about their vote. Consider how that may work out?

But if you really need to know who has endorsed which candidate, check out these links:

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