In the Room: CQ, Diversity, and Insights

Last week, I had the opportunity to sit in on a vendor presentation. The vendor presented on cultural intelligence (CQ) and research as it relates to consumer behavior. This is an area that I am extremely passionate about. The manager who scheduled the meeting knows me pretty well to have included me on the invite.... Continue Reading →

Managing Influence (rs)

In the past week, I have thought a lot about influence. I have had conversations about influence as it pertains to leadership in the workplace. I also talked with a couple of moms on different occasions about the influence of other kids on theirs just because I was in the right place and willing to... Continue Reading →

The Truth in Advertising – Anti-aging

This evening, I casually mentioned that most things a 20-something can do I can do much, much better but the 40-something guy would prefer the 20 plus year old to me. I'm not looking for a competition between me and the 20+ year olds. I'm smart. The difference is there are some things they can... Continue Reading →

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