The Truth in Advertising – Anti-aging

This evening, I casually mentioned that most things a 20-something can do I can do much, much better but the 40-something guy would prefer the 20 plus year old to me. I’m not looking for a competition between me and the 20+ year olds. I’m smart. The difference is there are some things they can do that I choose NOT to do. Hell, I didn’t want to do them when I was in my 20’s. That’s the great thing about aging…if you are smart about it you will recognize the wisdom that can come with it.

The Truth in Advertising
There’s a good chance I wouldn’t have made that comment tonight if something else wasn’t already bugging me about aging. I’m seeing more and more commercial about “anti-aging” products. They cover everything from H-to-T (that’s head-to-toe for those of you who don’t watch America’s Next Top Model). There are shampoos, body and face moisturizers, lip treatments, body washes… You name it and some cosmetic company has it. My question is simple: “just how old is the model in that anti-aging product commercial?”

It’s my guess that the lady in the particular commercial I was watching was no more than 32, give or take 3 years. Would that be truth in advertising?

I remember watching an actress in a hair color TV ad not too long ago. The actress who is on a very popular television show about housewives that live on a particular street is 35 years old. She wanted to tell me that this particular brand of hair color is fabulous for getting rid of gray hair.

When I was 35, I did have a few gray hairs but not enough to worry about color to cover it. If I was coloring my hair, it was a statement based on whatever bad relationship I was in at the time. The gray hairs I had were the least of my problems.

It would be great to see a before and after of this spokesperson. In retrospect, she could be 50% gray and speaks to me from my 52″ from experience. I’m not buying it though. Just like you shouldn’t buy that I have a 52″ tv.

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