How long has the Internet been around? I'm asking. It's an honest question. The 'net has been around for a good while now. You would think it's been around long enough for people to STOP WRITING IN ALL CAPS. Unfortunately, no. If you are like me, when you see all caps you read those words … Continue reading WATCH YOUR INTERNET TONE

Still educating

Sesame Street premiered in 1969. Dating myself, I was all of three years old. Just over four decades later, they are still educating; not only children but also those of us who grew up with this show so many years ago.

The Big Purge

One of the best comedy routines I have ever seen is George Carlin talking about "Stuff." George Carlin was truly a brilliant comedian (may he rest in peace). When he first did this routine when I could watch in on TV, I was a youngster or much younger than I am now. At that time, … Continue reading The Big Purge

Happiness, positive thinking & the law of attraction

I remember when I was little, my mother often said to me to "think positive." She said this to me anytime I was stressed about an issue in my life. And believe me, there were many.Now, so many years later, I have adopted positive thinking. You really don't believe it until you see it in … Continue reading Happiness, positive thinking & the law of attraction