The Big Purge

One of the best comedy routines I have ever seen is George Carlin talking about “Stuff.”

George Carlin was truly a brilliant comedian (may he rest in peace). When he first did this routine when I could watch in on TV, I was a youngster or much younger than I am now. At that time, I hadn’t acquired much stuff. Actually, I didn’t have much of anything I bought myself. My stuff was bought by mostly my mom. She even picked out most of my stuff.

It’s been over 25 years since I moved out of my mom’s house, for the first time. And moving into my first apartment, I needed a lot of stuff. What is so amazing is a lot of the stuff I bought at time time, I still have. But I still bought more and bought new.

So with all this stuff, I recently decided that it was time to purge…again. You see, I purge stuff every year. At one time, I even had an in/out rule for shoes: a new pair in, an old pair out/donated. Let me tell you, as a dedicated shoe lover, that rule doesn’t always work. Now back to purging.

Because I’ve moved a fair bit in my adult life (and no it’s not running from the cops), I try to keep lean on stuff. It’s not always easy though which requires me to purge every now and again. It would be great if I can purge at least 4x a year but it doesn’t always happen like that.

Recently, I went through the big purge. This included getting rid of stuff from closets, rooms, and storage. It’s the Big Purge. And it felt fantastic. I got rid of stuff that I hadn’t used in ages and had no need for in the future.

There’s still room for another purge but I will see to it in October. Until then, I’m not going to think about stuff except the “Stuff” George Carlin talks about in this video.


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