Celebrate National Gratitude Month With Me

We all know that November is renamed Movember to bring awareness to men's health including prostate and other male cancers, and depression. So get ready as men will start growing their moustaches. It's about to get hairy. I learned today (thanks Alicia) that the National Day Calendar  accepted an application filed in September to name November National... Continue Reading →

The attitude of gratitude

I've been listening to comedians and talk show hosts talk about Thanksgiving this week and everything that comes with it: turkey, hours of cooking, guests, Black Friday. Maybe a family squabble? But some people may feel they don't have any reason to give thanks. Be encouraged. There's always a reason. Adopt an attitude of gratitude.... Continue Reading →

Can you really not worry about it?

I've always been an anxious person who worried. It started in childhood, continued through my teenage years into adulthood. Today, I work hard not to worry about "things" but it's a struggle, a hard struggle. I no longer say "I'm not going to worry about it" because, I ask, can you really not worry about... Continue Reading →

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