Celebrate National Gratitude Month With Me

Gratitude rockWe all know that November is renamed Movember to bring awareness to men’s health including prostate and other male cancers, and depression. So get ready as men will start growing their moustaches. It’s about to get hairy.

I learned today (thanks Alicia) that the National Day Calendar  accepted an application filed in September to name November National Gratitude Month.

Kicking this off is a 30 Day Global Gratitude Challenge. Woo hoo! I love this!

You can join the challenge here: Join the Challenge

I have a gratitude journal and it makes a huge difference in my outlook on life. I can always tell when I’ve been away from it. I’m short, impatient, indifferent, crabby and I can go on.  But when I’m in gratitude, my smile is bigger, my eyes are brighter, my heart is open to the opportunities for great possibilities. Wow!

I believe having this 30-day challenge during the month of Thanksgiving in the US and right before Christmas is perfect.

I want to live an attitude of gratitude.

I’m in! Are you?

I am grateful for

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