No, the title is not a typo. I do mean "be" instead of "bee." Earlier this month I retweeted this from Tim Sanders..."Instead of wishing someone good luck, wish them success or energy or flow. Luck is the language of the also rans." To those around me I will wish to *Be joyous *Be happy... Continue Reading →

History made!

Wow, Barack Obama is the new President elect of the United States of America. My greatest hope is that President elect Obama will be able to bring the country together. Of course, you can always expect a little resistance. And there are people who no matter what good he does, will always see some negative.... Continue Reading →

Happiness, positive thinking & the law of attraction

I remember when I was little, my mother often said to me to "think positive." She said this to me anytime I was stressed about an issue in my life. And believe me, there were many.Now, so many years later, I have adopted positive thinking. You really don't believe it until you see it in... Continue Reading →

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