I See You

This post is not about my religion, my belief in God nor is it a vehicle to "recruit" anyone. It's about love & compassion and a simple statement: I see you. Let me start off this post by telling you what inspired it. Pastor Sameh Mourice of Kasr El Dobara Church of Cairo visited and... Continue Reading →

The Investment & The Return

Sorry to burst your bubble, but this post will not provide you financial advice. Plus, you don't want that type of advice from my anyway. Believe me. Lately, I've been smiling more. For good reason as my 2014 has come with some great changes in my life. ¬†And it's true. A smile is infectious. Just... Continue Reading →

Are you likeable? 9 things to do to make sure you are

Last week, I had an opportunity to present a workshop on Business Etiquette. I've always loved public speaking so this was a perfect opportunity for me. After the workshop, one of the attendees told me that she loved the presentation, my presence and the humor I infused into it. She said I was completely likeable.... Continue Reading →

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