The Art of the Whisper

The title of this blog sound so…poetic. It’s not. It is all about whispering.

The other week I attend a seminar, The Art of Sales, at the Centre in Vancouver for the Performing Arts. The seminar was not cheap and it was all do with no food served! Hello, this was a serious seminar.

As I am sitting in my seat, taking notes on sales, negotiations and presentations, the gentleman (I use the term very loosely) began talking. Talking while a presenter who we paid to hear speak begins talking. My noisy neighbor is not talking so loud as to disturb the presenter but he was disturbing me.

I believe that being a good audience member of a presentation comes from having to have given presentations. Evidently, Mr. Loud Mouth has never had to be on the presentation side. Otherwise, he would have been more respectful of not only the speaker but to those in attendance.

I guess some people never learned to whisper. I did and when I learned I was taught it was rude. That’s how we Southerners are. Whispering can be considered rude. And it is especially rude when you are in a conversation with others and one person turns to “whisper” to another leaving the rest of the group out. Yep, that’s rude.

But, in the instance of an all day seminar with five well-known presenters in attendance to help me with my job and increase my sales skills, whispering is all right with me. I encourage it.

What is a whisper? A whisper can be different things to different people. Here is the perfect way to whisper…lean in close to the person you need to convey your message say what you have to say in a tone and volume that only they can hear as not to disturb or offend the people near you. Namely me!

Can someone share this with Mr. Loud Mouth.

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