Rethinking Work-Life Balance

During a conversation with one of my friends this weekend, we are talking about how much jobs require of their employees. Because of this, the term “work-life balance” was created.

But does “work-life balance” really exist?

If you think about it, the term gives equal importance to work and life. All things AREN’T created equal.

Dissecting it, we know life is the big umbrella and everything falls into it. A better analogy is looking at life as a pie. Family is indeed a great percentage of that pie. So are friends. The other components of your life are also percentages of the pie. So where does work fit in?

If it is work-life balance, wouldn’t we be talking about two equal pies? But work is indeed part of our life and definitely a percentage of a life pie. Rethinking this, we need to determine what part of the pie we apply to work. That’s your decision.

From this point on, I’m calling it “life balance” and therefore ensuring that each slice of the life pie is a part of my life and not the whole.

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