Harvest for the World

Where does your inspiration come from?

Just a question since this post is not about inspiration. There will be soon but just not today.

I’m inspired to write this post by the Isley Brothers and their song from 1976, “Harvest for the World.” It’s a powerful song and so relevant to today.

I guess if we truly are a king when will there be a harvest for the world, we need to ask what our contribution is to that harvest?

So many believe it can’t be done. I’m not one of them. I believe it can happen and in my lifetime. I can’t do it alone though but I know powerful people who support a true community worldwide.

Can you imagine? But where can we or should we start?

Let’s think about what would be involved in we first understood and accepted that we are all part of a big picture. One speck of the world but truly one part of it.

What about greater acceptance of our community? Not just where we live and who we already know but embracing expansion? I can’t say enough about service and volunteerism. I believe this is where the see is planted.

I also think it’s important to watch your words. Do your words build up or tear down? This one can be a challenge and takes concious effort. If it tears down, you may want to consider my mom’s advice…”if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

A harvest for the world? Let’s start planting something today worthy of harvesting tomorrow.

In the meantime, be inspired as I was.



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