Political cause and effect

Anyone who knows me knows I really hate talking about politics. It was one of the topics my mom taught me not to talk about along with money and religion. These topics are no win but nonetheless passionate topics.

Regarding politics I like to stay in the gray area. And now is the best time to be there. But first let me explain the gray area.

The gray area is the place where nothing, no position fits exactly right. It is slightly irregular. You are not a democrat or republican. At one time you may have been an independent but now that requires a particular stand too.

I like to think the gray sees both sides but knows what they feel is best. They also don’t associate their feelings with any side. They don’t take sides. They vote the way they vote because they feel it’s what needed at they time o balance the scale. Are you beginning to see where I’m going with this?

Political cause and effect

If people didn’t feel so strongly about the c&e from the last administration the Republican candidate may have had a better chance. It could have been a landslide if he and his team stayed focus on one issue terrorism. But something went askew and the next action was something different and for a different reason than many thought was the right thing to do. People asked why and there wasn’t a real answer. Or a believable answer.

My question is if we are asking the right question and focusing on the real issue? This is a lesson learned in sales. If you aren’t getting closer to the sale with your client, there’s another issue not being addressed.

For little ole me sitting in the gray area who tends to rely on a spiritual, soulful and philosophical outlook I see an issue. I see that certain folks don’t want a resolution. They really don’t want their agenda either because they know it’s crap. They want to stay in a state without unity.

It has nothing to do with anyone giving in. In my gray area opinion it has more to do with misery wants company. Folks are angry and unhappy. Folks are spiraling out of control. And started before the financial breakdown.

More cause and effect.

I can share what can be done to change it but other thinkers, great thinkers have shared the solution. Hopefully soon someone will choose to listen.

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