Stuffing vs. Dressing

I haven't been home to Dallas in over 10 years for Thanksgiving. I know my mom would like me there but she understands the madness of travel during that time. Turkey? Check. Various vegetables such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, brussels sprouts, green beans, etc.? Check. Greens (deserves a special mention)? Check. Desserts you've been... Continue Reading →

Political cause and effect

Anyone who knows me knows I really hate talking about politics. It was one of the topics my mom taught me not to talk about along with money and religion. These topics are no win but nonetheless passionate topics. Regarding politics I like to stay in the gray area. And now is the best time... Continue Reading →

What is Miracle at St. Anna?

I saw Spike Lee's new movie, Miracle at St. Anna today. Before I divulge into my thoughts of the movie and the personal feelings that it brought up for me, let me explain how it got here.I LOVE MOVIES! I always have. Actually anything entertainment is right up my alley but it has to be... Continue Reading →

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