My Own Advice

Hi, my name is Nichole and I have a problem. I often have a very hard time in taking my own advice.

Been there? Done that?

I have come across people in my life that like talking to me and hearing my thoughts on “stuff” particularly stuff in their lives. I don’t come across as a know-it-all. At least I don’t think so but I often have some great ideas. I’m one of those rare breeds that get jazzed and feed on collaboration, brainstorming, and free thought. Plus, spending time by myself helps fuel the creative/idea process.

Am I a Life Coach? No, but I play one on TV. I really don’t but I could probably be one if I put my mind to it. Ah ha!

That’s the point. I was just sitting here thinking about some advice I gave a friend not too long ago about making sure he makes time to have fun. This is in the midst of growing a business. My philosophy is that if you make time for fun, you free your mind of stress and pressure. Ideas and initiatives have space to grow. See where I’m heading with this?

If we aren’t willing to take our own advice, how do we become experts or credible, for that matter? Maybe the focus is too much on advice and we mix it with opinion? Nevertheless, if we aren’t willing to walk the walk that we are talking, why give it in the first place.

Tomorrow, I plan to take my own advice so I can relieve some pressure to have some creative thought for myself. So glad I finally got the message.

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