Fight a cold with miso soup

I’m not mincing words this morning.  The next time you feel the symptoms of a cold coming on, grab some miso soup.

Go out and buy some right now. The packages you find in the soup isle will do. Or better yet, buy some miso paste (found in the refrigerated section of your grocery store). Some of the ‘fixins you can add include: onions, ginger, seaweed (my personal choice), greens (kale, cabbage, swiss chard), garlic (add this for a greater punch), etc. I will guarantee that if you take miso you will see fast results.

So many people want to stick with the traditional methods, drinking orange juice is one of them. But think about it, most of those glasses of orange juice are cold. What we need to fight a cold is warm/hot drinks. No one wants to drink a warm glass of orange juice. Plus, much to so many people’s objective, orange juice is best to avoid a cold, not once you already have it.

It’s better to make your own. And make it high-octane meaning with a bit more paste if using paste, or less water if using a package.

Try it. You will be amazed at the results.

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