What is the Meaning of Easter?

Happy Easter!

After so many years growing up seeing Easter as a religious holiday, the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus, it’s interesting to see some of that meaning lost. I guess many people would say the same thing about Christmas.

After giving it some thought, the meaning of Easter isn’t lost after all. It’s transformed from the resurrection of Jesus to how many of us are being resurrected.

I know I can be a little “new age-y”, philosophical, out there some times. But follow me…

The word resurrect means 1. To bring back to life; raise from the dead; 2. To bring back into practice, notice, or use. I don’t know about you but I feel I’m being resurrected. I feel good, excited and hopeful about what’s to come. I’m putting some things back into practice, notice and use. I’m beginning to bloom, just like you are, after a very long winter. And it has been a long winter.

Maybe this is my attempt at building a bridge between the religious and non-religious. And why wouldn’t I try? There’s been so much division on almost everything (just read the headlines) that it’s good to know that whatever the meaning of this day, there is a reason it can be special to everyone.

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