What I Believe About Beliefs

After my Easter post yesterday, I started thinking more on beliefs.

Everyone has a drawer full of beliefs; the thoughts, ideas, and concepts. It’s no wonder Easter would bring this up for the obvious reason–religion. But our beliefs go farther than that.

A lot of this post doesn’t come from the belief system itself but how people tear each other apart based on what they believe. I HATE IT. Right down to my core, I hate when one denigrates what another believes. Because fundamentally, it is our right.

So how do we tell what beliefs are right? Hopefully this sums it up because it does in my mind: If your beliefs harm another person and puts another person’s life in danger, then what you believe may be wrong.

There are a number of instances of this in history and several today.

This is my belief about how to respect others beliefs and be respected for yours as well. It seems simple to me but know I’m not an expert.

What do you think about beliefs?


  1. Although not all beliefs are religion based, most are. As an atheist, I typically disagree on everything in that category. I do, however, think we are all allowed the freedom to believe whatever we want. To me the only exceptions are racist or bigoted beliefs, or belief in something that is clearly wrong, i.e. not believing in evolution or climate change. That’s what I believe. 😉

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