F_CK cancer

This month, two friends both of whom were exceptional, fabulous women passed away. Both were afflicted by cancer.

My friends and family have had to deal with cancer in one form or another. And it’s making me mad. So today I have a message for cancer…

Fuck you!

Anyone who knows me knows cursing is not an everyday thing for me let alone using the F word. So for me to put this in writing, I’m angry and disgusted by this disease.

I’m going to stop saying someone has lost their battle with cancer. If that person fought and lived with that disease, they didn’t lose a battle. They won a war for the rest of us…in showing others in their lives how to fight, how strong they are, and what courage is.

Through their struggles they made us more aware of ourselves, increased our focus on health, showed us the importance of getting tested when something doesn’t feel right, going through whatever treatment was prescribed.

Grace – Dignity – Courage = Power

I’m not giving cancer the power.

Fuck you Cancer!

F ck Cancer

Support these organizations and charities to help give the finger to cancer.

And please share others that aren’t mentioned in the comment section.


  1. This is an excellent blog. I agree with you 100%. They did not lose their battle. They won a war! Thank you for sharing.

  2. One of the ladies gone was a very good and dear friend. We went through a lot together. She fought a good fight and she survied with a grace unknown to many for over 25 years. I am taking a friend and Church member to Chemo every 3rd week. I have learned a lot. She has one of the best attitudes of anyone. My DVD player while she is taking her chemo has been a positive. Friends also make a difference. But, Prayer is always the best thing.

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