Can you be any more entitled?

Personally, I believe entitlement is at the root of so many of societies problems including our recent global economic woes. Where does it start? This sense of entitlement?

Take a look at this letter left for a homeowner in a neighborhood in Oshawa, Ontario.  I read about this letter from a story on Yahoo!. My mother would have never, never, EVER allowed me to leave a letter like this for anyone. And even if this letter was written by a parent, what message does it send to the Children of the Hood?


The Yahoo! story explains the homeowner’s side:

But the homeowner didn’t deliver any candy, instead he posted the note on Kijiji saying he is looking for the author.

“Dear Children of Entitlement (and likely their parents),” starts the Kijiji post. “You have gone ahead and reminded me of why I do not want children, and why I weep for the future.”

The homeowner says he was not home on Halloween and has bought a huge amount of candy, which he will enjoy with his friends on Saturday.

Participating in Halloween (or any other holiday) is not mandatory. It’s a choice. I guess some folks haven’t learned to honor and respect a person’s choice over their own wants.

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