Finding Miracles

There are some words I read or hear and my ears perk up like a puppy being called for a romp in the yard. “Miracle” is one of them.

Miracles happenSo when I saw this title in my Weekly newsletter “Miracle-Hunting: 12 Reasons Even a Skeptic Can Believe” I opened a new tab to read it.

Lisa Kogan is one of my favorite writers. I don’t read everything she writes but when I do the article resonates with me in a powerful way. Now back to miracles.

I love miracles and I try to see them any way I can. Like yesterday when the cashier at Fatburger accepted my expired Groupon for the full amount. Passing my car emissions test…MIRACLE! (with a little help from your friendly mechanic. Wait?! A friendly mechanic? Miracle).

When these miracles happen, I’m grateful. So grateful I’m writing about it. That’s why Lisa Kogan’s article Miracle-Hunting: 12 Reasons Even a Skeptic Can Believe promoted me to write this post. And what better time of year to consider miracles than the holidays?

Enjoy the read and I encourage you to embrace and share those miracles you experience in 2013.


One of the miracles Lisa Kogan mentions in her article is how miraculous Eva Cassidy‘s voice was. Thank goodness for YouTube because I’m able to experience Eva’s voice and yes, it is miraculous.

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