My Journey to Natural Hair

I'm inspired to write this post by the one and only, Oprah Winfrey. More specifically, the September issue of O Magazine. I was so inspired, I decided to O Mag myself to use the photo in a recent workshop I presented. Take a good look at the picture. That's me, not Oprah. The September issue... Continue Reading →

Why I’m anti-diet / anti-losing weight

When I was in high school, I was larger than some of the girls in my class. I thought I was fat. Looking back and going through some of the pictures from high school, I realize I wasn't fat at all. I was a wonderful healthy weight with wonderful healthy curves. The reality is at... Continue Reading →

Are you someone’s inspiration?

I'm a Whoopi Goldberg fan. I was fortunate to see her in person last year at the River Rock Casino. She was awesome and let me say she does not pull any punches. But it's this video that she posted on your Facebook page today that had me in awe and verklempt. You never... Continue Reading →

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