Upcoming events from Big Change (Calgary)

If you haven’t noticed from my blog, I’m a big believer in self-help, coaching and personal and professional improvement. Various aspects of life can be hard. It doesn’t benefit us to just hope for the best. Learning opportunities can help us be better.

Big Change Inc.

For that reason, I support Big Change. Big Change is a Calgary based organization that offers leadership development and coaching  training for individuals and organizations. I met one of the founders, Ila Edgar, through a phone conversation over four years ago. She was the HR contact at an organization that I wanted to purchase my company’s marketing communication services. We’ve been in contact ever since.

Ila is passionate about Big Change and it’s because of her passion that I’m sharing some upcoming Big Change events with you.

In December, Big Change will host two events in partnership with the Institute of Generative Leadership. The first, Leading into an Uncertain Future, will be held on December 4th. The second, Foundations of Generative Leadership, is a three-day workshop beginning December 5th.

If you are in Calgary and feel you or a colleague could benefit from the learning opportunity of these events, I encourage you to attend. If you would like more information, drop the team at Big Change an email or give them a call.

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