What I learned (re-learned) in 2013

It's simple: I learned that God can do above and beyond my wildest dream. Actually I knew this, on a smaller scale, but I experienced a manifestation of it beginning in October. 2013 was a difficult year for me. Or so I thought. I was laid off on January 2nd and was unemployed for a... Continue Reading →

Practice Charity: It’s always the season for giving

Practice charity Most people are extremely charitable during the Christmas season. Tis the season, of course. But what about the rest of the year? This has been an extremely difficult year for me, especially financially. One of the things I missed most was not a new handbag, spa visit or weekend getaway. It was that... Continue Reading →

What did you learn today?

After reading this post, I welcome and encourage you to share what you've learned today. For the last several weeks I've been working a temporary assignment with two very interesting men. One has an intriguing background which includes Hungarian heritage (I've never worked with a Hungarian). My other colleague is from Ireland (and sounds a little like... Continue Reading →

Why I support Movember

By November 2014, I will publish a new blog post about Movember. Until then, check out the post I wrote last year on why I support Movember and why you should too.


I believe it’s around November 20th, when wives and girlfriends just can’t talk it anymore. The Facebook statuses and Twitter updates communicates their pain.

Movember 2012

“I just want it gone”

“It’s not a good look for him”

“Ugh, I hate this mustache

Well, ladies, suck it up. It’s for a good cause. Movember is a worldwide movement to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.

Most men are typically reluctant to go to the doctor or get their recommended tests as prescribed. I’m fortunate that my dad is not that way. In 2008, my dad’s church made PSA tests and screenings available to men in the congregation. He took his test and there were some inconsistencies. In October 2008 it was official. My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Later in the year he had the prescribed treatment but after a re-test showed…

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