Take time to breathe

It has been a busy year for me with several significant changes and a lot of growth in the direction of entrepreneurship. I launched a video series in March for adults interested in and those already returning to school to pursue their degree. I have an online t-shirt store, Nichole’s Nuggets, where you can purchase shirts I’ve created based on empowering statements I have used in my coaching and consulting practice. I’ve been writing more and have shared many of those articles on Medium.com. And, before the end of the year, I will publish journal and guidebook about setting and achieving goals.

Your girl has been busy, which is why it has been more than important to remember to stop and breathe. If I don’t, I will keep going because there is always something to do when you are in creation and building mode. That is why I am a fan of apps and sites like eXHALeR and Calm. You have to sign up for Calm but eXHALeR can be accessed in your browser of choice.

Whether you use an app, program or on your own fruition, take some time today to just breathe.



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