Bye 2015. *waves* Thanks for EVERYTHING

In this week's Nichole's Nuggets, my weekly email, I shared my list of five (5) actions I'm taking to plan for 2016. (You can sign up to receive Nichole's Nuggets here) I won't share with you my responses to those questions and actions but I will say this year has been challenging AND enlightening. There... Continue Reading →

Sound Smart When You Feel Dumb

How to Sound Smart When You Feel Dumb I love, love, love this short video from New York Magazine's Science of Us feature. This happens EVERY DAY. But when did the thought that asking for help or speaking up makes you look  or sound dumb? One answer: elementary school. If you weren't the one laughed at,... Continue Reading →

My thoughts about the Starbuck’s Holiday cup

So today's beef is some Christians have an issue with Starbucks because the holiday cups don't have snowflakes on them? Jesus, take the wheel! I live in SoCal, near the beach where it doesn't snow. Maybe my position is the snowflake-less cups? As a Christian I don't give a damn about snowflakes, Christmas trees or... Continue Reading →

Celebrate National Gratitude Month With Me

We all know that November is renamed Movember to bring awareness to men's health including prostate and other male cancers, and depression. So get ready as men will start growing their moustaches. It's about to get hairy. I learned today (thanks Alicia) that the National Day Calendar  accepted an application filed in September to name November National... Continue Reading →

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