Bye 2015. *waves* Thanks for EVERYTHING

In this week’s Nichole’s Nuggets, my weekly email, I shared my list of five (5) actions I’m taking to plan for 2016. (You can sign up to receive Nichole’s Nuggets here)

I won’t share with you my responses to those questions and actions but I will say this year has been challenging AND enlightening. There were some losses: my job with Rosetta, two different earrings, my Mophie, some opportunities. What was enlightening was how much I gained. A list too long to include in a blog post.

Most of what I gained this year was a better understanding about me and who I am. Wow! I’ve been selling myself short for a long, long time. This year has been filled with “Aha” moments over and over and over again.

A huge “aha” has been around relationship. Family, friends, co-workers, church family and new people who have come into my life have helped me gain clarity by listening to them and hearing their thoughts and assessments. Just know, we need relationship and  connection in our lives. Be open to meet new people. Ask someone’s name. Smile. You will be surprised how much of a difference those two small actions can make.

A significant part of my life this year has involved in service and serving others. Never think that in serving others you won’t be changed. This is one area I’m excited to expand in 2016 and see other people stepping up to help change the lives of others.

I’m a little sad to see 2015 go. But I’m excited to see what’s in store for 2016. Aren’t you?

With that, I wish you all a very Happy 2016, filled with insight, opportunities and experiences so big your imagination can’t even fathom what’s in store.



2016, hello 2016

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