Managing Influence (rs)

In the past week, I have thought a lot about influence. I have had conversations about influence as it pertains to leadership in the workplace. I also talked with a couple of moms on different occasions about the influence of other kids on theirs just because I was in the right place and willing to... Continue Reading →

Sound Smart When You Feel Dumb

How to Sound Smart When You Feel Dumb I love, love, love this short video from New York Magazine's Science of Us feature. This happens EVERY DAY. But when did the thought that asking for help or speaking up makes you look  or sound dumb? One answer: elementary school. If you weren't the one laughed at,... Continue Reading →

What did you learn today?

After reading this post, I welcome and encourage you to share what you've learned today. For the last several weeks I've been working a temporary assignment with two very interesting men. One has an intriguing background which includes Hungarian heritage (I've never worked with a Hungarian). My other colleague is from Ireland (and sounds a little like... Continue Reading →

Hey Internet, say it to my face!

Our experiences in life drive our opinions. And at one time the only folks who knew your opinions were those closest to you: family, friends and maybe a few co-workers. We didn't have to agree but we respected another's position and left it at that. Times have changed. The Internet has expanded our reach to share... Continue Reading →

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