No title to this post. A title is not necessary.Today, along with so many people, I am remembering a day eight years ago.There are some many things in my life that I can remember the details to the "t". I remember smells, songs that were played, specific moments where I would be including the clothes … Continue reading

Harvest for the World

Where does your inspiration come from?Just a question since this post is not about inspiration. There will be soon but just not today.I'm inspired to write this post by the Isley Brothers and their song from 1976, "Harvest for the World." It's a powerful song and so relevant to today.I guess if we truly are … Continue reading Harvest for the World

Cultural Icons

It's been a tough week for entertainment. This week, we lost three of the greatest celebrities within their areas of entertainment: Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.Being a Generation X'er, Ed McMahon was more famous to me as the host of Star Search rather than Johnny Carson's sidekick. I didn't get a chance to … Continue reading Cultural Icons

Uncovering your True Self

During the span of one week, I had two business acquaintances compliment me on my personality and how fun and happy I am. At the time I didn't feel fun or happy. I was stressed!Later I gave it more thought and attention. I was basically living in parallel universes. In one, people saw me as … Continue reading Uncovering your True Self