Uncovering your True Self

During the span of one week, I had two business acquaintances compliment me on my personality and how fun and happy I am. At the time I didn’t feel fun or happy. I was stressed!

Later I gave it more thought and attention. I was basically living in parallel universes. In one, people saw me as fun, happy and full of joy. In the other, I was stressed, neurotic and at my wit’s end. So which one was real?

I realized that both were real but the one that was true was the one I chose to believe and live. Can you guess which one it was?

The stressed, neurotic me wanted to over take the joyful, fun-loving me. Why? Probably because there seems to be some weird comfort in being stressed and neurotic. But there is true joy in being joyful.

But regardless of how stressed I was or neurotic I felt, I could (and would) always convey a happy me. In groups, at social events and in committee meetings, I would often be what I have learned is my “True Self.” During the very few moments that my True Self couldn’t shine, people knew something was really wrong.

I have had a few months to embrace my True Self and when I do, at times something comes up to try to shake me from that place. In sticking with my guns and standing my ground, I feel 8 feet tall and as though I can handle anything that comes my way.

So what’s your True Self? I think one way to uncover this (if you need help) is to think about what people say to you about you. What do they compliment you on that is emotional and/or soulful? And positive? Once you have a good idea of this, start walking in it. Let it guide you before anything else. Talk about an Aha feeling. Or, better yet, a feeling of Ahhhhhhhh!

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