The Importance of Workplace Etiquette

Lately, I've been having  a lot of fun presenting a workshop on the topic of business etiquette.  And with each presentation I have something to add and a new point to share. When I originally jumped at the chance to present this workshop, I knew it was something I wanted to do and could do... Continue Reading →

Solutions for a Social Media Snob

Several weeks ago, our team had a brief discussion regarding Facebook and some of the posts their friends share. Some of the updates mentioned included: stay-at-home moms who talk about every minute of their day the foodie who shares their breakfast, lunch and dinner menus plus pictures new moms who shares everything "Little Johnny" does... Continue Reading →

In The Moment: Now vs. Later

Never put off today what you can do tomorrow! Wait, that doesn't sound right, does it? [Give me a minute to search for the right quote.] "Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today." Thomas Jefferson I've written about procrastination before (or I planned to). In my own life, I see that if I... Continue Reading →

Dear Customer, where have you been?

I don't really boast very often but I'm a pretty good cook. When I want to be. That means that there are some times that I am lazy and want a simple cooking solution. For those moments, I have shopped at M&M Meat Shops. There was one time, I was REALLY lazy and shopped at... Continue Reading →

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