Shoe Fashionista for a Cause: The Red Pump Project

It's March but Old Man Winter lingers in Vancouver. Looking out of my window this morning, it looks like rain. There's nothing strange about that. But what is different today is that in spite of the weather report, I'm rocking my red patent leather peep toe pumps in support of  The Red Pump Project. The Red Pump... Continue Reading →

February doesn’t get enough respect

Aside from Valentine's Day, February just doesn't get the respect it's due. Why is that? Methinks it has a lot to do with it being the last month before Spring. Honestly, by the time we get to February, you you know are done with the snow and the cold. Here's why you and I should... Continue Reading →

So what do we do today?

Yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the US, a national holiday. There were so many comments, news stories, general talk and YouTube posts of his great speech, "I Have A Dream." I love that after so many years, he is not forgotten. So what do we do today? I'm like this about a... Continue Reading →

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