February doesn’t get enough respect


Aside from Valentine’s Day, February just doesn’t get the respect it’s due.

Why is that? Methinks it has a lot to do with it being the last month before Spring. Honestly, by the time we get to February, you you know are done with the snow and the cold.

Here’s why you and I should respect February:

  • My half birthday is on February 4th. If kids can celebrate their 1/2 birthday, so can I. (Want to know your half birthday? Take a look at this site: The Half Birthday Calculator)
  • My family celebrates some big “real” birthdays this month.
  • It’s Leap Year and we know it because there’s a 29th day this month.

I encourage you to appreciate all February has to offer. And if you can’t, remember it will be March in 28 days. Or is it 29?

One comment

  1. Feburary also has only 29 days which makes it nice for us waiting on the 1st. This has been such a nice winter the groundhound got confused. Very nice article. I really had no problems surving the divorce. It was the marriage that almost did me in. lol

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