Celebrating International Women’s Day

Today, March 8th, is International Women's Day. On this day we celebrate  the economic, political and social achievements of women from around the world past, present and future. History shows us that we have come a long way BUT we are not done yet.

Are your constituents your customers?

As you know, I’m not one for all the political “mess.” I don’t think I’ve ever been undecided in the years I’ve been able to vote. I typically know who I will vote for and unless they make a huge, colossal goof, that’s the name I will check on my ballot. What has been catching … Continue reading Are your constituents your customers?

What defines a racist?

Growing up a little black girl in the South... This statement sounds like the beginning of a really good book. It's also the beginning of testimonies any Southern black woman can continue based on her experience. There could be so many stories told but how many would include a tale about experiencing racism and prejudice. … Continue reading What defines a racist?

The best tip to survive this year of politic-ing

*groan* Politics never really end. Even when an election is over, the negative comments, back-stabbing, and general maliciousness doesn't end. Not to mention it appears on every level. And don't forget the political corruption which seems to happen on all sides. How can you survive the bull&#!t? I have a tip I'm willing to share … Continue reading The best tip to survive this year of politic-ing